MyBatMitzvah Story

Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is an important stage in a Jewish girl’s life. The Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) wanted to support girls during this time by creating a safe and fun online setting in which bat-mitzvah-age girls can explore and express their emerging identities as Jewish women. Thus, was born.

Wired Moon was there from the beginning, working closely with the JWA team to develop innovative, cost-effective features that would engage the girls and their families. The site includes both public and private areas. It enables girls to fully engage with such interactive features as “My Future Life,” “Cool Jewish Women,” “My Profiles,” and more.

Using Drupal as the development platform, the site met its goal of helping girls ages 11-13 build powerful connections to their heritage and a solid foundation for their future as strong Jewish women.

Wired Moon's services included:

  • Site concept collaboration and creation
  • Visual design
  • Information architecture design
  • Drupal theming
  • Custom Drupal module development
  • Content development
  • Interactive feature development
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